A Few Testimonials

our focus

My passion is basketball, I have several years’ experience playing basketball, coaching, and teaching.  I played two years at Kennedy King College in Chicago, where my team was ranked 4th in the nation in 1998 at the Hutchison, Kansas NJCAA Championship.  I then played two years at Chicago State University in Chicago.  I began coaching basketball in 2005 for the Showtime organization.  During my tenure with Showtime, I coached boys’ teams 3rd through 8th grade, coaching multiple teams during each season. My teams were successful, winning over fifty tournaments and averaging an approximate 70% winning percentage. 

about Us

  • Travis Peterson - "Love watching my son perform every aspect of the game. Thank you Nasir Shabazz"
  • Brian Maxwell - "It's awesome you are doing for the kids Nasir Shabazz!"
  • Tyler Scott - "Shoutout QuickDrills for coming thru and blessing the boys with that skills work."

About the OwneR

With over 100+ championships won within 11 years, Quickdrills has been proven that with the right training, discipline, and focus, we can have a major impact in the community. Basketball increasing popularity suggests people of all ages will seek ways to become better at and thus seek out training opportunities. The goal is to make QuickDrill a worldwide recognized brand with licensees and/or franchises.

The critical need of this market is learning strong basketball fundamentals.  While basketball is primarily a winter sport, there are many players who play and/or train year-round. QuickDrills can help get athletes there.​

We provide basketball training, including players (and their parents) and coaches at the following levels:

  • Elementary aged
  • Junior high/middle/intermediate school aged
  • High school
  • Colleges and universities (both public and private)
  • Non-school affiliated basketball teams (AAU/school age, semi professional and professional)